We do serve services to the clients in distinct ways. We start to be by the client from the first step of communication to forever. We provide services in both software and hardware stuffs. For instance, we can provide you with tenders’ documents in case you need consultation for your budgetary offers which should be hand to your client. We can attend your technical meeting on behalf of you in anywhere, and we can consult you for the best products which should satisfy your requirements.
Also we do:
- Sizing and selection of valves for all applications and specially for severe services.
- Tailored design for special cases to make the best solution, we call ourselves “solution makers”
- Using various computer analysis software such as Abaqus, Fluent, Ansys etc. to analyze your conditions to find the best product for you.
- Ability for testing your products in both Iran and Korea
- Repairing and overhaul for any kind of valves
- On-site services
Caspian Qoqnoos is equipped by a workshop to ensure the clients that we are really care about them. We handle all the technical issues from the first to forever.